Puppy Classes

Puppy classes are offered to puppies between 3 and 8 months of age.  The Puppy Kindergarten class is a total of 6 classes.  The first class is a Home Visit followed by 5 group classes - 1 hour classes ( maximum of 6 per class).  The class is designed to help new puppy owners start training on a positive basis.  The Home Visit is designed to assess each person's needs and give some suggestions of things to work on at home.  The group classes provides opportunities for puppies to develop social skills with other dogs and with people.  The training is focused on developing connection between owners and their dogs especially with distractions.  The course offers training on basic obedience skills and puppy behaviors such as mouthing, jumping, barking, come when called, walking on a loose leash, stay, & self control.  In addition some foundation agility skills are introduced (going through a tunnel, climbing, etc.).  All of these opportunities encourage connection, building confidence, and the development of coordination and body awareness.

Classes are scheduled for evenings throughout the whole year.

PUPPY SOCIAL CLUB - Friday evenings

This socialization class gives puppy guardians the opportunity to safely socialize their puppies in a controlled group environment (maximum of 6 puppies) and practice skills in new situations, new people, puppies, surroundings, obstacles, sounds, etc.

Drop-in subject to pre-registration

Graduate Puppy Class - for puppies over 8 months of age.

4 week sessions focusing on extending the foundational skills developed in the Puppy Kindergarten program.  This class specifically focuses on building connection between owner and dog in the presence of distractions.

Private Training is also available to meet new puppy owners needs.  See the Private Training page.