Dog Agility is a fast paced dog sport where dogs and handlers work as a team following a course made up of a sequence of obstacles with speed and no leash! Dogs should be in good health and preferably a minimum of 1 year of age.  Dogs should be well socialized to be with other dogs and have some basic obedience skills.

Typical Obstacles are:

Tunnels, A-Frame,  jumps or hoops, teeter totter, weave poles, dog walk, tire, table.


Agility is lots of fun or for competition to earn titles or BOTH!!  

BEGINNER AGILITY - is a 6 week course introducing dogs and owners to the sport of agility.  Safety is of utmost importance for both dogs and owners.  This course is primarily designed to focus on foundation skills.

INTERMEDIATE AGILITY -  is a 6 week course

JUST FOR FUN AGILITY - is to offer continuous opportunities to improve skills and preparation for competition or just to continue to have FUN!!  It is offered on a weekly basis.